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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Banners of the Shadows of the Names

The Shadows of the Lion's Mouth are based loosely on 15th century Burgundian knighthood only with way cool ninja type weapons. The banners mentioned in the course of the story include, in order of rank:

1. Shadow Prime, Father of the Abattoir: Black, no mon
2. Ekadrina Seanmazy: Black, a taiji
3. Gidula: Black, a comet natural
4. Dawshoo Yishohrann: Black on white, diagonal
5. Oschous Dee Karnataka: Scarlet, a black horse
6. Epris Gunjinshow: Green, a yellow lily
7. Manlius Metataxis: Sky Blue, a white dove
8. Pendragon Jones: Silver, a yellow mum
9. Poder Stoop, the Riff of Ashbanal: Scarlet, a white maltese
10. Big Jacques: White, a prussian blue trident
11. Domino Tight: Umber, a lyre
12. Ravn Olafsdottr: Coral, a black snake twisted
13. Geshler Padaborn: Sky blue over hunter's green
14. Little Jacques: Red swallowtail
15. Khembold Darling: Light blue, a yellow daffodil; Gidula's comet quartered
16. Eglay Portion: Tan, a rose natural; Gidula's comet quartered

Pasdarm banner: Purple, a single teardrop. Flown at tourneys (pasdarms) in which Shadows fight for honor or vengeance.)

Quartering another Shadow's mon means that one is subordinate to the other.

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