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Sunday, October 26, 2014

While Scrolling Down the Web One Day

in the merry, merry month of October, TOF found this image of Hans and Pastor Dietrich conversing by aid of the talking box. Now my image of the Krenken is influenced by Nicholas Jainschigg's original art for ANALOG, which I have in my office, but this fan sketch by Greg Stevens is not too bad.

I had not known anyone had ever done fan art for any of my stuff. I wonder if there's any more out there.


  1. I'd actually be interested in doing fanart for Eifelheim, though I'm afraid my mental conception of the Krenken is influenced by these creatures, which are mantises, not grasshoppers.

    Is Jainschigg's art somewhere viewable on the web?

    1. Afraid not. I've got the originals, framed, and I've not seen Jainschigg anywhere.


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