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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mission Tomorrow

The cover by Stephan Martiniere for an anthology edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt which made room for a scribbling by TOF; viz., "In Panic Town on the Backward Moon," although it may appear simply as "Panic Town."

Mission Tomorrow "explores space exploration in a post-NASA-dominated age." Stories are included from Ben Bova, Robert Silverberg, James Gunn, Mike Resnick, Sarah A. Hoyt, Michael Capobianco, Jack McDevitt, Jack Skillingstead, Brenda Cooper, Robin Wayne Bailey, and more. The book "drops" as they say in November 2015.


  1. Cool! Maybe I'll be through the Firestar series by then.

  2. Dear TOF. I was reading through an old thread and saw a comment of yours which read "I have often said that "Darwin's Laws" are better evidence for God than "Behe's exceptions." Aquinas' comment about the boat that builds itself is pertinent."
    Searching for "boat" in the Summa via Windows Explorer didn't yield the quote that I think you were referring to. What was the quote you were thinking of?

    1. Should have said "ship," not "boat." Sorry.

      "Nature is nothing but the plan of some art, namely a divine one, put into things themselves, by which those things move towards a concrete end: as if the man who builds up a ship could give to the pieces of wood that they could move by themselves to produce the form of the ship."
      -- Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on Physics II.8, lecture 14, no. 268


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