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Saturday, May 7, 2016


The June 2016 ANALOG contains TOF's novella "The Journeyman: In the Great North Wood." An excerpt amounting to roughly half the story is at the ANALOG site.

Started work on "The Journeyman: Among the Great States," but typing one-handed, and left-handed at that is fatiguing.

not TOF, but similar
BONE NEWS. Still typing one handed, but the humerus is now re-set and bolted to a plate designed to delight metal detectors at airports everywhere. Working on the R part of the RICE paradigm: to wit, Rest. TOF presently has a Frankenstein zipper of surgical staples running from the shoulder to near the bicep, roughly the length shown in the picture to the right.

For those interested in ORIF, click on the link.


  1. Already finished the latest Analog installment, and well pleased as usual. Looking forward to more soon, which makes your recent crack-up a true bummer.

    Glad to learn there's at least some improvement, not to mention something to let the TSA feel they're being useful. (Yes, really, let's not mention that.)

    If you are in a "make lemonade" mood, maybe this is a good time to test out a voice interface for your writing. If for nothing else, it'd be worth the entertainment value of seeing how it handles "Teodorq sunna Nagarajan."

    I can just imaging you staring at the screen after that and saying to yourself, "That can't be good."

  2. I also enjoyed the latest adventure of TsN. If you choose voice composition, use word processor to replace all "TsN" with "Teodorq sunna Nagarajan." Returned to read about the older TsN in your book UP JIM RIVER and now wonder how long it will be until your shorter stories reach the Planet of Women where Teodorq is imprisoned. I enjoyed even more your Analog Guest Editorial, "A Dialogue Concerning the Internal World System" which concerns "our engineerings genetical" to achieve the Men of the Future, and how that effort may inhibit the formation of the Sort of People We Want to Be. It's good news to hear you are writing again, even slowly. You should compose a more finished version on the first draft because your single hand writes more slowly. Or write rapidly with your voice, and then have more errors to correct. Please tell us what method you decide to use, and your evaluation criteria.

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