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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fan Mail

The following letter was received by ANALOG magazine in response to a Guest Editorial by TOF:

I applaud Michael F. Flynn for his guest editorial in the June 2016 issue, although since I’ve never read Galileo’s Dialog I may have missed some of his cleverer implications.  I didn’t laugh at Simplicio, but I did snicker a bit.  I suppose a lot of human progress has been driven by heedless infatuation with new possibilities, but I find it refreshing and reassuring that there are people like Mr. Flynn to look while the rest of us leap.
-- Tony Dwyer
 TOF blushes.


  1. Yet another reason I would like a collection of TOF's nonfiction works.

  2. Simplicio was of course the guy who, very much like a cardinal who later became Urban VIII (Barberini?) in that respect mentioned two facts:

    * God was free to create the universe anyway He wanted to create it;
    * God was free to make the universe appear to us anyway he wanted it to appear to us.

    If to these we add that God is perfect TRUTH, incapable of lying, these have one exception:

    * God was NOT free to create the universe in one way and make it appear pertinaciously in the oposite way.

    In other words, if He choose to create the Universe Heliocentrically, it was His duty toward His own nature to make this truth in some clear way appear (so far not very upcoming).

    = God created the Universe the way it pertinaciously looks, i e Geocentrically.


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