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Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Talk

I will try to transcribe this as I heard it.  Adam (aged 4) is telling us about his imaginary girl friends. 

My first girl friend is Elizabeth and my second one is Nito.  [He holds up fingers to indicate the number, in case we are confused on this point.]  Your brain is like a map.  You can see pictures and talk to people, and kiss them.  Nito is talking to me now. 

[His sister asks him if he means "in his thoughts".] 

No, these are visions.  Thoughts are... [Hesitation]  Thoughts are in the bone.  [He points to his arm, where there is presumably a bone.] 

[Well, it makes as much sense as most theories of the mind.]   

I'm not a real baby.  I'm a fake baby.  I'm four years old.  A baby is one years.  Or a little bit more.  All big boys are like four year olds. 

[I can't say he's too far wrong on that last point.]

All the words are pronounced and the sentences are correct, but which planet he is from is so far unrevealed.

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