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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adam Discovers the Mulligan

The adventures of Adam, a.k.a., the Energizer Bunny, continue.  A couple weeks ago, he had the Walking Pneumonia (and the Boogie-Woogie Blues).  His mother took him to the clinic and thence to the emergency room.  I asked him later how he enjoyed his adventure. 

I had germs, he told me.  But at the hospital the doctor wiped all the germs off me.  (A pause)  But he didn't get them all, so mama has to wipe the rest of the germs off me. 


At another point, the weather had gotten warm enough so that he and his brother could play in the back yard with some Christmas toys they had gotten.  There was a (three wheeled) scooter for which he was garbed in more armor than the guy in the bomb squad who does the detail work.  There was also a tether ball set up.  On this, a ball attached to a lanyard is placed upon a tee.  You hit the ball and it sails off, but then you can haul it back.  Anyhow, he does this thing.  The ball flies off to the maximum extent of the lanyard. 

"I got high score!" he proclaims.  Evidently, all life is a computer game.

Then he plays golf.  He has a Self-Esteem golf set.  By this I mean a golf ball roughly the size of an apple and a plastic gold club whose head is about the size of his own head.  The idea, I think, is that it makes it almost impossible to miss the ball. 

He missed. 

The ball dribbled off to the side. 

"Do it over!" he declared, fetched the ball, and placed it in the same spot from which he had tried to hit it. 

Adam had discovered the mulligan. 

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