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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Argumentum ad Porcus Ventrum

This is from the WSJ Weblog:
"Police: Woman Stabbed by Co-Worker During Argument Over Hog Stomachs"
--headline, WYFF-TV website (Greenville, S.C.), Jan. 22
This is worrisome on so many levels.  That someone was stabbed is bad enough, but that they were arguing over hog stomachs boggles the mind.  What key points of disagreement could there be on such a topic?


  1. Were they arguing about hog stomachs, or did the hog stomach sit between them as they argued?

  2. Or maybe they weren't arguing about them, but it just so happened that she was stabbed as the argument was going on in their vicinity :)?

  3. Pork belly is an important culinary topic. Financial, too.

    But in this case, it seems that the two women worked in a slaughterhouse divvying up meat. One accused the other of hitting her with a thrown hog stomach. The other pointed out that there were no hog stomachs on the table, and denied throwing anything. The first one was not convinced by this point of logic, and stabbed the second woman with her non-kosher work scissors, right in the neck. This woman lived but needed surgery and may have suffered nerve damage. A third worker in the room verified the victim's account of the matter.

    The attacker was arrested and charged with attempted murder (fair enough) and with possession of a weapon during a violent crime (scissors??).


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