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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Quote of the Day

"I am living proof that you can be -- at the same time -- both a fanatic and a nerd. I’m a fanatic about my science, actually, and a bit of a nerd about my church."
-- Guy Consomagno, SJ, Director of the Vatican Observatory


  1. He's either too much or too little of a fanatic about his Church - too little if it is the Catholic, too much if the Vatican-Two-ish, and too much of a fanatic and too little of a nerd about his science.

    My challenges on debating geocentric question have been ignored - perhaps due to that very fanaticism.

    I suppose digging up the question of proofs would have been too nerdy for his taste - in the area where he's fanatic.

  2. That Guy is a good egg-head.

    Channeling my inner-O'Floinn (again, since your blogspot really hates my wordpress login for some reason)


  3. Funny, I've been accused of the exact opposite. . .


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