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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Shipwrecks of Time

I have ducked back a chapter to introduce some of the other characters and a new complication.  We are back with Frank Delacorte.  He has left the Institute on that first day with a list of potential lodgings that Mrs. S has given him.
     The first address on the list was an apartment building on the same block, but that was too good to be true and when Frank got there, he was told that the last remaining room had been rented the week before.  “The kids are coming in for the new semester,” the apartment manager told him, just in case he cared.  Armed with that information, Frank studied the list more carefully, compared it to his map, and crossed off all the buildings closer to the University than where he now stood.  His best chances lay in those boarding houses and apartments farther west.  He set off into the wilderness at a brisk pace. 
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In the next, and possibly final installment, we will learn something of the plot problem that will confront Frank.  


  1. Blogger says we don't have permission to read this post. Makes it hard to read the excerpt....

    1. I checked the settings and it says that permissions on comments are open and unrestricted. Has anyone else found it a problem to access the Preview page? Does anyone have a notion as to what might be done?

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  3. Ooh, plot. Looking forward to that. I'm really intrigued with what these time shipwrecks are all about.

  4. Oh... And my account has also been informed that it cannot access the rest of the post.

  5. OK I found the problem. The link was to the Edit page and not the page itself. It has now been fixed.

    Alternatively, there is an independent Page link on the left side underneath Home and Books.

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