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Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Vanishing American

 Land O Lakes once had a likely label on their butter tubs and sticks, It showed a pleasant landscape with an Indian "princess" holding a sample of their product. Keen eyes could make out that the product had the same logo and that, therefore, the image was recurive, ad infinitum, albeit imperceptibly.

This was intolerable to a certain cast of mind, to whom any depiction of Native Americans was repugnant, and so must be expunged. So, the revised logo features the land, only. The Indian has been cleared of the land, again!

 TOF has no objection to pleasant landscapes, only to implicit aversion displayrd toward an ethnic group. He notices that sports franchises are permitted to enshrine Vikings, Buccaneers, Raiders, and sundry other avatars far more threatening and stereotyped than a wee, harmless lassie. But they cannot cheer for and show devotion to an Indian avatar. 

American Indians are not alone in being ethnically cleansed from the public square, of course. TOF gives matters another 15 years before the next generation of Besserwissers begin protesting the absence pf certain groups from advertising logos.


  1. FWIW, an interesting report on the Ojibwe artist who re-designed Mia, the Land O Lakes symbol, and the varying reactions to the recent erasure:

  2. TOF has no objection to pleasant landscapes, only to implicit aversion displayrd toward an ethnic group.

    Said aversion only seeming to appear when it comes to white people being inconvenienced, however marginally.

    1. It doesn't inconvenience me in the slightest. They can alter their advertising however they like and it will not change the qualities of their product nor its price. What sort of bugged me was the evident intention to expunge the American Indian from all representation in the public square. My late wife, who is partly Choctaw, thought the whole removal thing ridiculous, and just a little bit insulting. Are Indians so much more touchy than Irish? (Ever see the logo for the "fighting Iirsh"?)


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