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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weather Gods

Subject of the Reading
The Reader
The weather gods reached out with uncanny pinpoint accuracy to dump 5 inches of snow on the very day I was to have a reading/signing at the Barnes and Noble, the only serious snowfall so far since Halloween. 

Consequently, only four people showed up.  Unless they were trapped in the store by the snow and couldn't get away.  A small group, but enthusiastic and participative, and we had good conversations.  I read from the recently escaped book IN THE LION'S MOUTH.  But you already knew that. 

Could have been worse, I guess.  In mathematics, 4>0.  I'm not sure how big a crown might even show up there in theory.  I was told that when the musical performer Pat Benatar did a signing, they sold only 150 books instead of the 500 they had hoped for.  I signed a bunch of books that will now go on display for the weenies who did not defy the snow to come. 

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