Friday, August 10, 2012

When Will We Be Poised On the Razor's Edge?

Received the following intelligence from a Knowledgeable Source:
On the Razor’s Edge will publish next July. I saw some very cool-looking art the other day. Not quite final yet,

As regards the cover, I sense a Running Motif (see above).  I can make a wild guess regarding the background, but suspect that the foreground may feature a nicely rounded space ship.  Betting line forms on the left.  But let us recall the words of Ravn Olafsdottr in Lion's Mouth: 
Attend my tale and learn
Why once great cities burn!
Will red be the dominant color this time?  Inquiring minds want to know.  

A Foretaste:

O Harper, know what treachery abides
In hearts of those who once you thought as friend. 
How like a fang, a serpent’s tooth, they wound! 
O Shadow!  Think on what you say;
For how can enemies betray?
O Harper!  Think you that it is but pride
Affronted by Gidula’s dire deed,
To find myself by my own trust impugned?
O Shadow!  Think howe’er you must. 
Who ever in a foe did trust?
O Harper!  Know that foes do constant bide. 
And on their constancy one may depend. 
Oh heart and mind to whom I was attuned!
O Shadow!  Think you any would
Inflict the pain a comrade could?
O Harper!  Do not seek to shift the point
Of my arrow from the heart that it intends,
Or stay my shears from that which it must prune. 

O Shadow!  Prune as you decide,
For in our joint affairs we are allied. 


  1. I am looking forward to reading the further adventures of the Harper and the Shadow...and the Hounds that pursue them.

  2. Any chance that na Fir Li will get to die in glorious battle just before sending back a swift boat with the words "Go the Gaels..."

  3. That was supposed to be "Go tell the Gaels..."

    I'm having so much trouble proving I'm human to the Verisign system that this emendation will probably never be seen.


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