Wednesday, October 17, 2012

At Last It Can Be Revealed!

Lunacon 2013, reduced to desperation and barrel-bottom scraping, has persuaded TOF to be their Author Guest of Honor, in lieu of a more honorable author-guest. TOF will of course do his darnedest, and is pleased as Hubert Humphrey's punch, as well as tickled pink.  (Thus demonstrating his masterful command of the English tongue.) 

Guest of Honor.  Woo-hoo.
Lunacon 2013 will be held March 15-17, 2013, at the Westchester Hilton in Rye Brook, New York. This is the Preparation Vigil of St. Patrick, who will be honored with the usual Quaffing of the Suds.  This is similar to the Running of the Bulls, except that a) one need not exert oneself and b) while the bull does in fact run, it runs on not after.  As we of Emerald Ancestry call it: "Amateur Night at the Bar." 

Lunacon is "an 800-1000 person strong regional convention with a rich history of over 50 years," a vast army awaiting my commands as guesterissimo. 

I will be participating in program items during the day, the Meet the Pros / Artists' Reception event on Friday evening, and whatever my most whimsical whim commands: panels, readings, etc.  My horde of ravenous fan may come and pick my brain, somewhat slim as those pickings may be.  

Guest of Honor
At the end, if attendance has not been satisfactory, I will be sewn into a wicker cage and set on fire, a sight not to be missed, as it promises to light the homes of two-thirds of Westchester County. TOF urges Constant Reader who may perhaps be in the neighborhood that weekend to come and witness his apotheosis. 

I see that Leslie Fish is to be Filker GoH.  She is a very talented singer of  SF folk music.  Don't yet know who the Artist GoH or others are to be. 


  1. Terrific news, TOF! Have a great time and be awesome (that won't be hard).

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  3. They will wrap your body in cheese cloth and dose it in parafin to amplity the wick effect?

  4. Kind sir, will On the Razor's Edge be out by then?


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