Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Commemoration of Thomas Aquinas

Yeah, I know.  A day late and a thaler short.  But to make up for it, we have this link.

Whether St. Thomas is boring.

The Late Modern Age, which has substituted the locution "I feel that..." for "I think that..." undoubtedly finds the Dumb Ox boring.  Logic has that effect on the video-game mentality. 

Previously on the TOF Spot...

2010.  Various quotes and an attempt to present the first argument and its many consequences.  It is often said that the First Mover argument (more correctly, Primary Actualizer argument) leads only the the dough-faced Deist sort to God; but this is only because "first" is so often misinterpreted as "first-in-time" rather than "logically-prior."

2011.  Support for Thomism from modern neuroscience.

2012.  Thomism, Literature, and Theories

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