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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be Right, Back

Never throw anything out that you may need later. 

This applies especially to your lower back. 

TOF is presently mobility-impaired, bed-ridden, hobbling, and the like.  In consequence and much to his dismay he is forced to be Lunacon 2013 GOH in abstentia this weekend.  Unless something miraculous happens, like a Jesuit is elected Pope or something. 

Nah.  Even that didn't help.  So the one and only time I've ever been GoH'ed has been blown  up. 

Standing hurts.  Sitting hurts.  Lying down hurts.  Changing positions hurts the most.  Was prescribed a muscle relaxer.  That made things hurt even more.  Getting much use from my shillelagh, though not the use I had hoped for; viz., bopping knuckleheads.
* * *

Speaking of Jesuits, the Spook has Spoke.

The Incomparable Marge is partial to the Jebbies, having attended Marquette and Regis; while I am partial to the Franciscans in whose third-order robes my brother was buried.  So now we have a Jesuit pope who picked the name Francis.  Go figure.  The Dominicans put out a press release: "Conclave discovers Jesuit still loyal to the Pope."  (Mwahaha.  Inside humor.)

Of course, he may have meant Francis Xavier rather than Francis of Assisi.  It took the MSM a while to realize that possibility.  My theory: both.

We also now have a chemist as Pope.  That should get a reaction.  Guess he never got the word that religion and science are incompatible. 

Of course, once again the Spook comes in from nowhere, confounding all the bookmakers and playahs.  They didn't expect Ratzinger, either, if you recall. 

Now begins the fun task of pushing a square Catholic pope into the round pigeon-holes of US politics. 


  1. Won't be the same without you. But we shall try to have fun nonetheless.

  2. Will pray you feel better soon!

    As for our new Pope, he has a shot a irritating and confusing both political liberals and conservatives like few others ever have. Is he a bleeding heart Fascist, a reactionary populist, or what?

  3. Prayers and best wishes for your back.

    I don't know if I wish to pray that the shillelagh will get more or less use in the future. Hopefully it will needed less in the task of support.

    About the new Pope: to be frank, I didn't know what to expect. But it is worth noting that he was #2 in the last round of Papal selection. Did any of the prognosticators take note of that detail before the smoke rose?

  4. Have seen some "miraculous" hobbling recoveries in quicker than 2 days in my years. Consider chiropractic.

    Prayers for the miracle since I cannot attempt anything other.

    "About the new Pope: to be frank," -- Frank, Pope Francis I -- is this an intended pun?

  5. I helped nurse my dad through a bout of back-spasming when I was a teenager; I have seen the agonies up close. So I sympathize.

    However, if you are sufficiently in possession of your faculties to make a pun like "The Pope is a chemist - that should get a reaction," I have to admit my instinct is to say, "He can't be *that* badly off." ;)

    The great thing about the Spirit is that it doesn't matter what else is going on, there's always attention to spare, even for sparrows such as we. God bless and be well soon.


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