Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Glorious Fourth

Denn du sollst es haben!

On this day in history, Vicksburg surrendered to Grant and Lee retreated from Gettysburg.

On 2 July 1863, the Confederate attack on Culp's Hill drove the defending German-Americans back until one Louisiana soldier put his hand on a gun of the Pennsylvania artillery, crying "I claim this gun!"
The German gunner replied laconically, "Denn du sollst es haben!" (Then you shall have it!) and pulled the lanyard, blowing Louisiana away.  

The 153rd Pennsylvania, "Northampton's Own"
on Barlow's Knoll, Gettysburg, July 1
on Culp's Hill, Gettysburg, July 2-3
  And just so the Irish don't feel left out:

And lastly, a rousing patriotic song, once an unofficial anthem of the USA, containing the immortal words: "Thy banners make tyranny tremble..."  Something that ought to be remembered now and then by those who would rather make us tremble.  

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