Friday, March 27, 2020

Tabclearing Day

Tof has been remiss in keeping Faithful Reader up to date on all the things that FaithfDul Reader craves updating.

1. Phone Alone. 

In 1910, the WaPo discovered cell phones. Well, walkie-talkies, actually. These would enable shy lovers, as WaPo imagined, to call their beloved and confess their love without embarrassment..
Wireless Telephones

 2. Don't Forget Your Epi

Epigenetics means that one organism's learnings could be inherited by its offspring.IOW, it's not all Darwinian natural selection.

3.  Lamarck's Revenge

Speaking of epigenetics... Unified Theory of Evolution

 4. If We Can Send a Man to the Moon...

...why can;t we send a man to the moon? We no longer have the skill sets that sent Apollo out. We'd be starting from scratch if we tried. Back to the Moon!

 5. Arbitrium Liberum

Aquinas always said 'free judgement,' not 'free will.' The fMRI argument is full of crap.
Free Will

 6. What's New?

A mathematical study of innovation. Not everything imaginable is possible; and not everything possible is probable. Innovations work when they are "adjacent" to the AS IS situation. Let's have airplanes without propellers! Let's have radios with pictures! The Adjacent Possible.

7. "Knock, Knock! Who's There?" -- Macbeth, Act II, Scene III

Surprising what Shakespeare said back in the day. Shakespeare Quotes


  1. Bother, but your link to 'Free Will' directs one's browser 'Back to the Moon' (ha!).

    By the by, can you recommend any interesting books of a statistical bent?

  2. Link fixed, I think.

    You want books with math or text?

    1. Fix confirmed!

      Math, please, but I'm sure I'd appreciate the latter too.

  3. I like the idea of lunar weather predictions. Much easier than Earth I'd guess. "The next 14 days will be very hot. The 14 days after that will be very cold..."

  4. Epigenetics is so interesting-- I wonder if folks have done obvious but difficult things like use dogs bred for a specific personality and IVF'd them into a different, oppositely selected breed?

  5. Hello, Michael Flynn--I just finished Eifelheim, and must thank you for mentioning one of my earliest papers in the early pages of the book. As for your story, I enjoyed it as much as one can enjoy a book featuring a plague while in the midst of one. Thankfully, ours is far milder, for most of the afflicted at least. Best, John Alden


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