A beautifully told story with colorful characters out of epic tradition, a tight and complex plot, and solid pacing. -- Booklist, starred review of On the Razor's Edge

Great writing, vivid scenarios, and thoughtful commentary ... the stories will linger after the last page is turned. -- Publisher's Weekly, on Captive Dreams

Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the Razor's Edge

A book description appears on Amazon, which I share with you:

The secret war among the Shadows of the Name is escalating, and there are hints that it is not so secret as the Shadows had thought. The scarred man, Donovan buigh, half honored guest and half prisoner, is carried deeper into the Confederation, all the way to Holy Terra herself, to help plan the rebel assault on the Secret City. If he does not soon remember the key information locked inside his fractured mind, his rebel friends may resort to torture to pull it from his subconscious.

Meanwhile, Bridget ban has organized a posse—a pack of Hounds—to go in pursuit of her kidnapped daughter, despite knowing that Ravn Olafsdottr kidnapped the harper precisely to lure Bridget ban in her wake. The Hound, the harper, and the scarred man wind deeper into a web of deceit and treachery certain of only one thing: nothing, absolutely nothing, is what it seems to be.

Banners of the Shadows


  1. Yes!!! I simply cannot wait to read this book. I love the Banners, too. That's the kind of attention to detail that makes Spiral Arm so great.

    The 2nd of July is so far away, though. And this book may cause my family to become frustrated when I spend all of our Independence Day picnic reading.

  2. Wheee!!!

    Awaiting the hour!

  3. tidbits

    IX. Never Do What You Said You’d Do

    What ploys, o harper, do the Fates dispose
    Our timely plans so to disconcert,
    Planting their confusions and perplexities
    To wriggle wormlike through our minds?
    Be we the authors of our own acts?
    Belike but froth upon great Ocean’s foam,
    Teased by winds while darker currents
    Down below direct our course.
    Our destination’s purposed by the breeze
    Howe’er we set our sails. Fair dawning brings
    What e’er the Fates do weave, until Fate cuts the strings.

    X. At the Capital of All the Worlds

    The far-lit dawn does night’s decay foretell
    And in her pitiless glow do future hopes
    Pile earth upon the hopes of elder days.
    O merciful Night! That thou dost shroud
    The ranks of tombs and gravestones proud
    Whereunder aspiration now decays,
    And clear of buried dreams and tropes
    Draws skyward gazes, the which do dwell
    Upon far better beacons, more lofty themes.
    Today is the wreckage of yesterday’s dreams.

    1. ლამაზი პოეზია! The poetry really sets the themes. Few authors are so well versed in poetry, philosophy, linguistics, physics, et cetera as to create such a rich fictional universe.

  4. Yes, very definitely looking forward to this read.


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