Thursday, May 22, 2014

TOF at Large

all too large.

TOF spent the past week week entertaining various brothers and the weekend down by Philly town, where Fourth Brother Sèan was celebrating his marriage to Dana with a celebratory celebration. In the course of things, it so happened that all four surviving brothers and their Pere were in the same place at the same time, a concentration of Flynnic mojo that threatened the very fabric of the space-time continuum, at least locally of not globally. Faithful Reader is invited to cast his gaze upon the sight:
front, l to r: Bro Kevin, Pere, TOF
back: Bro Sèan and Bro Pat
Pat had to hold Pere down in his chair, lest he float off to the empyrean in his delight.

And again, though only the Brothers Four, this time on the patio at the casa de Sèan:
l to r: Kevin, TOF, Sèan, Pat. Despite his ever-youthful
appearance, TOF is the eldest of all.
 Due to the out-of-state nature of Third Brother and Fifth Brother, such concatenations are rarer than we might otherwise desire.


  1. Dear TOF,

    Please keep blogging forever. You are a delight.

  2. Now those are some sharp-dressed men, an elegant crew. The cane is a particularly nice touch.

    1. Technically, it is not a cane, but a shillelagh, or "walking and talking stick." When gripped by the heavy knob one can lean upon it to good effect. But should a political discussion break out, it can be used for talking. Gripped by the nether end, the big knob can be swung in an arc, also to good effect.

    2. And, among the Irish, beating up a political opponent is like a tip o' the cap - common, reflexive, and a sign of respect.

      Seriously, the men of the Clan OFloinn clean up well. I bet the dinner-table talk is high quality, too.

  3. Science fiction writing seems to pay well. Or is the incomparable Marge the finest cook among the Flynns-in-law?



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