Thursday, August 6, 2015

Be a Follower, Not a Leader

Blogspot keeps track of how many "followers" a blog has.

TOF has noticed this number stuck at 145 for some little while now and wonders, Can't I get just five more to make it a nice round number? 

Let's see.

One day later: We're at 148. Woo-hoo. C'mon, gang! Just two more. We know you can do it!

On 8/8 we have 150! (That's not 150-factorial, alas.) Apparently, y'all are now "members," not "followers." I would have preferred "minions" or "lackeys," but life is full of little disappointments.

There's a button on the left for receiving feeds, and another at the bottom for Google Friends. TOF is unsure of the exegesis of these things. It may be two distinct things.


  1. Can't help you there, I'm afraid. I am already one of the 145.

  2. I found that if you "follow privately" you do not seem to count in the public number shown. Let the prospective follower be so advised.

    Also, it means there may be an underside to the follower iceberg.

    1. So TOF may have Hidden Followers? I mean beyond the secret Ninja Warrior Fen that one normally expects of charismatic leaders.

  3. I am one of the 'underside'. Read regularly, but don't follow. Not even sure how one follows, though I have the Read thing down pat. - DJ

  4. I would "follow" this blog if I knew what that meant.

    1. There's a button somewhere that says "Follow" or something like it. Are you registered at blogspot? I guess you'd have to be to have a screen name.



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