Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Singing City

Image result for analog sep/oct 2019from a Tangent review of Analog Sep/Oct 2019, by Victoria Silverwolf

Three generations of a family appear in "The Singing City" by Michael F. Flynn. The eldest is a retired astronaut [sic], one of many who saved the world from asteroids programmed by ancient aliens to crash into the Earth when humans reached them. His son leads a much more sedate life as a teacher. His own child is about to leave on a voyage to the outer solar system that will keep him away for years.

This is a sophisticated story, balancing a number of futuristic elements with a clear and elegant style. All of the characters are three-dimensional, and their relationships are as real as our own.

Who am I to disagree.

For those who follow such things, the grandfather is Flaco from Rogue Star et al.

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