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Friday, April 2, 2010

Aliens on the Roof of the World

A great deal of SF deals with the encounters between alien beings -- usually Earthlings being one of them. This is not such an unprecedented thing, for the history of Earth has been largely the history of encounters between aliens.  Here is a book review of a book detailing one such encounter: between a Jesuit on a mission [to go where no (Western) man has gone before] to Tibet.  The author is a Tibetanist and a Catholic theologian, and so well equipped to suss out both participants in the encounter.  Not only what Tibet was like for the Italian Jesuit, but what the Jesuit seemed like to the Tibetans.  I have not read the book myself; I have only just learned of it.  But it might make a good handbook for skiffy encounters of the Third Kind.

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