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Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 July 1863, Gettysburg PA

Monument of the 153rd Pennsylvania Volunteers, "Northampton's Own,"
Maj. John F. Frueauff commanding, vice Col. Charles Glantz (captured at Chancellorsville). 

1st Brigade (von Gilsa), 1st Div../11TH ("Dutch") Corps. 
The Regiment held the flank on "Barlow's Knob" on the afternoon of 1 July 1863 until outflanked by Jubal Early's division.  It took position along the lane at the eastern foot of Cemetery Hill, where it remained until the close of the battle, assisting in the repulse of Early's assault on the night of 2 July 1863. 

Again I see this regiment, 600 strong, with an undaunted front, charging from that flaming line of almost certain death.  When brave Beaver, Howell, Yeager, Meyers, with hundreds more, went down beneath that leaden hail, still onward they swept out of the shimmering light into that dark, death-dealing cloud, ever and anon amidst this murky scene could be seen the floating banners of this charging host, the red-like stripes cut from a crimson cloud, the white-like stripes from the morning's mist; the blue, a field of azure sky, within which, like balls of fire at a white heat, blazed and twinkled the diamond stars; wave after wave, billow after billow, of southern rebellion, rolled up, but broke on that bulwark of northern unionism, that with its glittering wall of bayonets and thundering tones said, thus far, but no farther..."
-- Lt. J. Clyde Miller, at the dedication of the momument of the 153rd on Barlow's Knoll

There is no human inspiration that can, or will ever awaken greater pride in our bosom than the fact that you fought at Gettysburg.
-- Lt. William Beidelman, at the dedication of the momument of the 153rd on Barlow's Knoll

Civil War monument in Easton PA, county seat of Northampton Co. PA
The bugler at the top echoes the bugler on the monument at Gettysburg.

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