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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Horatio Strikes Back

Skepticism about the variation in the fine structure inconstant.  (h/t John Farrell)  Pretty much correlates with which telescope was used.  Hence, with which folks made the observations.  This makes my little pointy quality engineer ears perk up.  Scientists are notoriously careless about issues of measurement system reliability.  (cf. surface station temperature measurements.) 

Scientists take all the fun out of science, double-checking and questioning results that fly in the face of orthodoxy.  Pfui, sez I.  Now we have the inconstancy denialists. 

I had begun to wonder whether the directionality had to do with the solar system's motion through the aether, aka black matter.  Or that of the spiral arm.  After all, if there really was a directional difference that just happened to coincide with which galaxies could be seen with which telescope, the two would be confounded. 

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