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Monday, January 3, 2011

Explain the Internet to a Dickensian Urchin

Doogie Horner, Everything Explained Through Flowcharts
h/t: Fast Company


  1. Perhaps the only thing more difficult to explain would be this flowchart to someone without using any visual aids.

  2. BTW, you familiar with a sf writer from the early C20 by the name of Sedgewick? A Quaker, he served as an ambulance driver on the French front, I believe, and became a well known author in the decades thereafter.

  3. Sedgewick rings no bells; but it is early AM so I may remember later.

  4. EPIC FIAL. [Yes, intentional sp. It's recursive irony.]

    This is what you get for reading before falling asleep. The name is Stapledon, not Sedgewick!


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