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Friday, February 11, 2011

Is There Anything This Theory Can't Explain?

Apparently not.  NYT columnist Paul Krugman has determined that the Egyptian uprising was due to Global Warming™ [I mean, Climate Change; I mean, Climate Disruption].  The rationale is that Global Warming results in droughts (when it isn't causing increased rainfall or snow) which leads to reduced crops, which leads to higher prices, which leads to mobs crying out for governments to sprinkle magic pixie dust to make food cheaper.  It's a wonderful theory.  Except for one thing. 

'Tain't so, McGee.
As Roger Pielke Jr. points out, grain price indices show long-term declines.  The bump at the end is as likely to be caused by the Americans turning grain into fuel or by China and India buying more petroleum (thus raising the costs of farming with tractors) as by Global Warming™.  After all, Global Warming™ is supposed to be taking place all throughout the time frame plotted. 

I propose changing the name of the product from Climate Disruption, which is too obviously a marketing gimmick, to The Omnitheory. 

Pielke, btw, is an interesting bird.  He believes that AGW is happening, but also that some colleagues have been overblowing it and seeing evidences where there is none. 

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