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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

My 2nd annual memorial day post in honor of those in my family or my wife's who served in the military, going backward in time:
My father's cousin: Sgt. Tommy Flynn, USMC, Vietnam.
CAP team Papa Three
Lived with villagers in the mountains near Cam Lo just a few miles south of the DMZ, as described in A Voice of Hope.

My father:
Pfc. Joseph Flynn,
5th Eng. Btn., 5th Marine Division, USMC
Iwo Jima, Japanese Occupation

My grandfather:
Pfc. Harry Singley
 304th Eng., 72nd "Rainbow" Div., AEF
St. Mihel, Meuse-Argonne Offensive
"a little shrapnel in the leg, a whiff of gas"

My wife's great-great grandfather:
Pvt. John H. Hammontree 
Co. H, 5th Tenn. Inf., US Vol., (3rd Bgd., 3rd Div., 23rd Army Corps, US Army of the Ohio)
Atlanta Campaign: Dalton, Rocky Faced Ridge, Resaca (bullet wound in left leg)

(Note: The photograph is actually of his cousin, Hiram.  Nine or ten Hammontree cousins served in Company H, 5th Tennessee.) 
My wife's great-great-great-great grandfather:
Pvt. James Hammontree
Capt. Duncan's Co., Col. Bunch's Regt. (2nd Regt. East Tennessee Militia)
Battle of Horseshoe Bend (Gen. Andrew Jackson)
Creek (Red Stick) War (War of 1812)

Great-uncles of the previous:
 Pvt. John Hammontree. 
Capt. John Mountjoy's Co. of Foot,
10th Virginia, Continental Line.
Deceased. 24 Feb 1778 at Valley Forge.

Pvt. Harris[on] Hammontree.   
Capt. Wm. Cunningham's Co. of Foot, 
1st Virginia, Continental Line.  
Reported sick at Valley Forge.  
Killed by Indians on VA frontier, 25 Jul. 1781 

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