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Monday, December 19, 2011

Flynn in the Window

No, I don't know why it appears sideways.  But the Barnes and Noble at PA 33 and Freemansburg Ave. in Easton will be hosting your humble servant for an afternoon of reading and signing.  We can only hope my fan shows up.
The photo was captured by my daughter with her phone as she was walking by. 


  1. The picture is sideways because some phones *coughApplecough* flip out over exporting vertically oriented pictures, and export all photos in the landscape orientation, regardless of how they were originally taken.

  2. Most digital cameras encode photos in just one orientation, and set a flag in the metadata that tells the viewer to rotate the image by 90 degrees when it was taken in a vertical orientation. Many viewers and image processors ignore this flag, which means everything looks just as it did to the camera sensor, when we might prefer that it looked as it did to the photographer using the camera (who presumably did not tilt her head sideways to take the photo). Whether any of this can be reasonably blamed on Apple is a question outside my knowledge. Perhaps they omit setting this flag entirely.


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