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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reviews for In the Lion's Mouth & a PODCAST

I blush to add the the following links to reviews.  But I'll add them naetheless:

Fanatsy Book Critic

"I would say that a major part of the series' attraction is its execution - style, characters, world building"

The quality of Michael Flynn’s writing is apparent in every sentence. In the first pages of In the Lion’s Mouth, his latest novel, we get the following description of one of his central characters, Francine Thompson:
“She stands by the large bay window that overlooks the endless prairie, though she herself overlooks nothing.”
By toying with the word “overlook”, Flynn gives his reader insight into his character – who is a kind of interstellar secret agent – by layering description with a nod to her constant and unerring attention to detail. This single example is significant only in what it indicates about Flynn’s writing as a whole, that he is both concerned with and playful with language. What this means is that In the Lion’s Mouth, like all the novels in his Firestar series, are more nuanced than merely being adventure fiction. They contain a depth and a whimsy that makes them enjoyable to read and easy to recommend.

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I am reliably informed that Interzone has a not-so-favorable review; but it is not web-accessible; so I don't know if the criticism is literary or political or for not writing the book the reviewer wanted to read. 

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As part of the Great Lion's Mouth World Tour - which nowadays can be conducted from my office - Dungeon Crawlers Radio will host an interview with yr. obt. svt., TOF on Monday January 23rd @ 6:15pm MST (which is 8:15pm in real time) .  Be sure to tune in.  Or not, as it pleases you.  

Listeners can access the show by going to and clicking on the audio player on the right hand side of the screen.  Fun times for all!

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