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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Flynn Quoit Tournament

The 2012 Annual Flynn Quoits Tournament, hosted by my brothers out in Colorado (to the bemusement of the Westerners) has been held and, although he neglects to inform TOF who won the treasured Gigi, bro Kevin, sends along the photos.  (Quoits is pronounced kwātes.)  Many of these mean nothing to TOF's Faithful Reader, but there are number of shots that display the Art of the Quoit, as practiced in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania (and now in one small corner of Colorado).  Note the athletic form, the graceful toss, the follow-through.   Kissing the quoit after making a ringer is optional. 

The game of quoits involves hard rubber rings (the quoits) and slate boards tilted at an angle and with a hub in the center.  This is unlike Philadelphia quoits or New Jersey quoits. 

Slide show of the Flynn Tournament:

Why this is not an Olympic sport, I do not know. 

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