Wednesday, March 13, 2013

6. The Faint Smile of Gustav Sorgensson

Jumping ahead of the Fierce Combat of Ogier the Dane, Schultzi the Beast and the odd bonding of Wilma and Carole, as well as sundry other bits and pieces adding foreboding for conditions in Milwaukee, we rejoin Frank as he visits Sorgensson in Aachen.  We have skipped over a precis of his journey down the Rhine, an encounter in Karlsruhe with an American student there, and his discovery of a letter by the Bardi factor he finds in the Landesarchiv which hints at what the Peruzzi Manuscript was all about.  He is now meeting Sorgensson.   

     Gustaf Sorgensson was a big man across the shoulders, who wore his hair clipped short in a manner fast passing out of style.  His hands were big and when he clenched them knuckles stood out like boulders from the earth.  A short, boxed beard covered, without quite concealing, an old scar.  His most marked feature, however, was his eye patch.  The scar ran up across his cheek and under the patch. 

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