Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Publisher's Weekly Weighs In

*On the Razor's Edge
Michael Flynn Tor $25.99( 352p) ISBN 978-0-7653-3480-0

Flynn's fourth far-future tale of interstellar adventurer Donovan buigh (after In the Lion's Mouth) continues to impress with lyrical writing and a complex plot.  Millennia into the future. humankind has spread among the stars. Language has drifted, cultures have mixed, and governments rise only to fall. The Confederation -- home to Holy Terra -- is embroiled in a secret civil war. The rebel Shadows, seeking the key to the Secret City of the ruling oligarchy of the Names, have Donovan, who once entered the Secret City by unknown ways. The snag is that Donovan forgot his past when his mind was riven into ten personalities by the Shadows. Meanwhile, Ravn Olafsdottr entices the harper Mearana, Donovan's daughter, to attempt a rescue of her father and perhaps draw the Hounds of the Ardry into the conflict. As the covert war breaks into open revolution, true allegiances are revealed, enemies become allies, and the moribund Confederation quakes. By blending the textual and tonal elegance of ancient sagas with future technology, Flynn connects humanity's past with its future in an epic transgalactic prose poem. (July)
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IOW, it is Way Kool. 

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