Monday, August 12, 2013

The Chieftain

For a change of pace, I have put up the prologue from an historical fantasy on the Story and Preview Page.  It is set in the West of Ireland in the Year of Grace 1224-25.  The conceit of the story is that all the events described -- save for the story details -- happen as described in the Annala Connaught, the Four Masters, and the Annala Locha Ce.  In the excerpt, all the characters, except the monk and the servants are actual historical characters.  I have felt free to pencil in their personalities.  Woo, as they say, hoo. 

In particular, we have this entry:

Uair robo tarisi le macaib Ruaidri a n-airecht fein arna cuired do cech oen fo leth dib-sin, acht mad Cormac mac Tomaltaig Meic Diarmata & Dauith O Flainn & a aes grada archena.
 – Annála Connaught, 1225

The sons of Rory felt confidence in their own lieges, having been asked to come into the country by each one separately, except Cormac son of Tomaltach McDermot with David O Flynn and the rest of his officers.
 – Annals of Connaught, 1225

David O Flynn is the Chieftain of the title and the story involves the war between the O Conner cousins over the kingship following the death of Cathal of the Red Hand O Conner. 

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