Thursday, August 1, 2013

TOF and the Grinding Wheels of Justice

This next Monday TOF has been summoned by no less than Lady Justice her own self to come an possibly sit on a jury panel of someone's peers in order to sit in judgment on him or her.  TOF looks forward to the spectacle with much anticipation, since the closest he ever got before was to be dismissed from a jury in another county for reasons unspecified.  Already he rubs his hands in glee in expectation of hanging the miscreants -- or setting free the unjustly imprisoned, whichever opportunity presents itself.  He has been watching many Perry Mason episodes in order to prepare himself for all eventualities, like people breaking down while on the stand and unexpectedly confessing to anything at all. 


  1. Throw the book at 'em!

    Now, what book in particular should be so ballistically employed in the name of JVSTICE calls for some reflection. Crime and Punishment leaps unbidden yet inexorably to mind...

    Let the book fit the crime. The miscreant's, not the authors. Although the poetry of pummeling a fraud with Dan Brown novels has its appeal.

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