Saturday, October 26, 2013


Judy Curry's website Climate Etc. has comm box posts by someone named Mike Flynn.  Be advised that this is not TOF.  About a week or so ago, our local paper featured a letter to the editor signed by "Mike Flynn" that was likewide non-TOFian.  What is going on here?  A plethora of Mike Flynns?  Or did the Michael Flynn Manufacturing Company put out one last shipment?  An entire company for producing Michael Flynns?  No wonder they went into liquidation.  Lack of demand.

Not as high-power as Kress or as widespread as Resnick, nor so wheeler-dealer as Haldeman.


  1. Perhaps the Michael Flynn manufacturing company needed a better quality-control person on staff.

    Someone with multiple levels of expertise on the subject.

  2. What do you think of this:

    paper is linked here

    You think this is just a headline grabbing attn?

    1. Goedel's ontological proof could not have been kept too much a secret, given that Wikipedia had an entry on it:

  3. Sorry second link is a pdf of the scientific paper in question and first url does not have a link


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