Monday, October 7, 2013

The Mean Streets of Old Alexandria

For those who might be interested, here are the links to an earlier chronicle dealing with the murder of Hypatia of Alexandria and the earlier destruction of the Serapeum.  In keeping with the 300-year rolling horizon, these events would have become mythic by the eighth century, if they were remembered at all outside of Egypt.  In the Latin West, there were at the time Other Concerns, like Alaric's Sack of Rome.  Contextual history has a way of breaking into any self-contained narrative. 

The posts were on the old Live Journal blog, yclept "The Auld Blogge"

The Mean Streets of Old Alexandria
Part II: When Hypatia Was a Little Girl
Part III: The Deconstruction of the Serapeum
Part IV: The Teachings of Hypatia
Part V: After Graduation: The Calm Before the Storm
Part VI: The Feud of Cyril and Orestes
Part VII: Murder Most Foul
Part VIII: The Aftermath
Part IX: The Sources

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