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Friday, February 14, 2014

Odd Coincidence

A weather map: the Polar Vortex

Wisconsin Glaciation
The edges of the Laurentide glacier are a pretty good fit to the path of the jet stream when deflected by a blocking high. 

In the old novel The Sixth Winter, this was ascribed by the scientists of the time, processed through John Gribbin, to a cooling atmosphere.


  1. One might have the impression ice ages were especially of interest in the Fortress of Solitude these days....

  2. That's a rather alarming juxtaposition. Foly Shrieking Hit!

    You'd appreciate this: While you've been freezing assorted Brass Monkeys, on the Lower East Side of the Pond, we've had the Worst Rain Ever, the west of the country is now in its third month underwater, and some of the trees are already in blossom. Ergo, the World is Warming and We're All Gonna Die! Of course, they make it easier for themselves by painting the anti-AGW crowd as 'Climate Change Deniers', but that's so obvious it's daft.

    All while Antarctica stayed frozen through summer and trapped a Russian ship that had gone to look at melting ice, and then trapped the Chinese one that had gone to rescue it!

    The Hive Mind continues to amaze.


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