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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today is the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

Say something logical today in his honor.

h/t Mark Shea


  1. Ran across yet another bright who sneered at that God person without evincing any actual logic or reasoning. So, in honor of St. Thomas, I'll translate the sneer into a syllogism!

    Major premise: Miracles never happen.
    Minor premise: The Resurrection and Transubstantiation are miracles.
    Valid inference: The Resurrection and Transubstantiation never happen.

    That wasn't so hard! Now, all the dude needs to do is show, somehow, that the major premise is true! Woo hoo!

    Let me get some popcorn.

  2. That meme is bottom-heavy in the extreme. I'm surprised it didn't tear in two like an event horizon.

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  4. Several days late, but this thread on Worldbuilding.SE has some delightful misuses of logic going on. There's another one positing a "perfectly rational, perfectly open-minded" humanity and how that might come to be as well.


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