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Friday, July 3, 2015

Outward Bound


From Low Earth Orbit

From Geosynchronous Orbit

On the way to Mercury:

From the Moon

From a Fly-By

From the other side of the Moon

From Martian Orbit

From Mars

From Saturn

From the Edge of Interstellar Space

colored bands are artifacts of the image

Images from ExtremeTech
and Scientific American


  1. That doesn't look like a geosynchronous orbit. It is too far south (not over the equator).

    1. Geosynchronous is different from geostationary. A geosynchronous orbit is any orbit with an orbital period of 23 hours, 56 minutes (one sidereal day). A geostationary orbit is a geosynchronous orbit with eccentricity and inclination of 0 (e.g., circular and over the equator).


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