Thursday, April 6, 2017

Another kind word for "Nexus"

received at ANALOG:
Dear Mr Quachri,
I have just read the first Novella in this double issue - "Nexus" by Michael F. Flynn. I have not read anything else as yet in this issue - I wanted to write to you forthwith.
If I find nothing else worth reading in this issue, so be it.
"Nexus" is an Analog masterpiece! I have to confess that the first 2 or 3 pages seemed difficult to read and understand, had me confused and wondering what sort of rubbish is now being produced for consumption by readers. And suddenly it clicked for me, and I realised that I was reading the best Science Fiction story that has come my way in years. My congratulations to you for printing it and to Mr Flynn for having written it. It has originality, great characterisation, a superb writing style, the prose is beautifully-written, the plot sensationally bringing together so many Science Fiction memes, the imagination and ideas making a story that is about 95% narrative (breaking all the rules) fascinating, and all with great style and class. I absolutely loved it. This should become a classic in the genre and a master-class in how to write great fiction. More like this, please!
Mel Anthony
(English but living in France)
TOF's reaction: I could not have said it better myself.


  1. It is a truly wonderful story. Glad to see others like it, too. I want to go reread it now.

  2. Just finished it. By far the best story I've read in Analog in the past several years.

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