Thursday, October 4, 2018


The Manhattan Contrarian notes that the Democrats seem to acknowledge the failure of their teen-aged groping accusation on Judge Kavanaugh by shifting their pearl-clutching from his alleged teen-aged indiscretions to his "demeanor" in his response to the accusations and/or to whether he drank beer in college. (Quelle surprise!) If he had responded like Spock, the complaints would differ, but who can doubt that his demeanor would have been attacked, regardless?

Meanwhile, the media are in a hoo-hoo because Fred Trump managed to turn over many of his properties to his children and not pay as much in gift taxes as some think he should have. Much is made of 'undervaluing' the properties, although as the Contrarian points out, the values were still high enough that the IRS would have reviewed the transaction and signed off. Recall that, at this time, the Trumps were Democrats and big donors to the Clintons.

For a full discussion, see the link, above.


  1. That is remarkable. We live in interesting times. I used to get my 'news' from the NYT when it was free online years ago, but stopped when they attempted to charge - I mean, 'free' was dear enough, frankly, but they wanted actual money! Don't know what their model is now, but I'm unlikely to find out.

    BTW, glad you're back to posting regularly. Hope all is well.

  2. I'd really love to see some major tax reform.

    May as well wish for a pony.

    (Note: I don't want a pony. Cleaning up after the kids and cats is bad enough.)



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