Sunday, September 24, 2023

A gratuitous commen


from editor, Cat Rambo, in re In the Belly of the Whale. 
"I absolutely loved this rollicking, expansive generation-ship world and the voice in which it’s told, a folksy but expansive epic full of wordplay and wonder. So much fun, and such a great cast of characters. While sometimes it felt like an awful lot of characters, they all manage to be distinctive and interesting, with dips in and out of their consciousnesses that showcase how powerful omniscient point of view can be."


  1. No one seems to have the cover image so far, hope you can post it once available.  One hopes it will not be a whale bellying up to the pharmacy counter with a 50-gallon barrel of Pepto-Bismol.

        —  Occasional Correspondent

  2. Get back with Ex lover with the help of….( Dr.mac @yahoo. com ).......


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