Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Learning to Play the Game

One of Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" is to force your enemies to play by their own rules. Danae knows how to make the teacher feel guilty.

OTOH, adverbs really are to be avoided in writing. "The verb should be sufficient unto the task," he said softly.
Nay! To whisper is better said than to say softly!

On Cultural Literacy, Part II

It occurs to me that a large number of people today won't "get" this one unless they know what a pair of Wellingtons are.

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  1. I think not everyone will catch your veiled reference to the famous General Topology Lee found on page 97 of "The January Dancer" (unless you meant Clausius ;-). "The Constant Clock on Friesing's World is no more than an agreement and ships and worlds synchronize with it through complex incantations prayed to Lorenz and FitzGerald and Rudolf." [last name categorical agreement] This Quadrilogy contrasts well with Bank's Culture series and is more elegantly literate.


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