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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Compleat Flynniana

I spent most of the afternoon straightening out files, in the course of which I produced a list of opi, which I thought to share with you Faithful Reader.  Each story is given an opus number when the first page is written.  These numbers do not correspond to the order in which they saw print (or not, as the case may be) and some are blank because the story never went anywhere and was either abandoned or is lying in abeyance for possible new look.  In one case, a story was substantially rewritten twice and wound up with three opus numbers, a practice which I discarded.  Also, for some novels where a self-contained chapter was sold as a stand-alone story, it has been designated with a letter suffix.  (A couple such chapters that did not sell are not listed.)

Novels and Collections are bold faced.  Unless designated Baen or Arc Manor, these were all put out by Tor.  Stories are in normal face, with no distinction as to length.  Unless designated otherwise, these were all first published by Analog.  Non-stories: poems and fact articles are designated.

Story Mosaics are designated by color: Babbage SocietySingerLabs/Nanotech/Neighborhood, Firestar, Irish Pub, Spiral Arm.  There are a few minor tie-ins.  There is a minor connection between the Irish Pub stories and "Mammy Morgan."  Sharon Nagy from Eifelheim is mentioned in "On the High Frontier."  Sarah Beaumont and Red Malone from Country of the Blind makes a cameo in Firestar and Ned Dubois' daughter refers in passing to Sarah's dump of the Babbage Society files when she was a kid.  Jacinta Rosario from Rogue Star et seq. is mentioned in Up Jim River.  It is likely that there are enough connections between the Babbage Society, Firestar, and Spiral Arm series to make the whole thing inconsistent!! 

1.       Slan Libh
2.       The Feeders
3.       redesignated
4.       Filler material
5.       The Quality Throop
6.       Eifelheim (novella version)
7.       The Forest of Time (novella)
8.       Ashes
9.       On the High Frontier
10.    In the Country of the Blind (serial version)
11.    An Introduction to Psychohistory
12.    The Steel Driver
13.    The Longford Collector
14.    Dragons (Weird Tales)
15.    Grave Reservations
16.    On the Shore of the Endless Ocean (in abeyance)
17.    Throop’s Revenge
18.    The [Adventure of the] Laughing Clone
19.    The Washer at the Ford
20.    In the Country of the Blind (novel) (Baen)
a.       A Rose by Other Name (exp. from 20)
21.    Remember’d Kisses
22.    On the Wings of a Butterfly
23.    Soul of the City
24.    Werehouse
25.    The Engineer Discourses on His Love (poem)
26.    abandoned
27.    The Common Goal of Nature
28.    The Sisters of the Sacred Heart (Dappled Things)
29.    An Astounding Sixty Years (fact article)
30.    Mammy Morgan Played the Organ; Her Daddy Beat the Drum
31.    abandoned
32.    Eifelheim (novel version)
33.    abandoned
34.    redesignated
35.    Spark of Genius
36.    abandoned
37.    Fallen Angels (Baen)
38.    abandoned
39.    The Nanotech Chronicles (collection) (Baen)
40.    The Blood Upon the Rose
41.    Captive Dreams (novelette version)
42.    Melodies of the Heart
43.    The Forest of Time et al. stories (collection)
44.    There’s a Bimbo on the Cover (poem)
45.    FAT-Eating Logic Bombs and the Vampire Worm (fact article)
46.    Timothy Leary, Batu Khan, and the Palimpsest of Universal Reality  (F&SF)
47.    Great Sweet Mother
48.    Firestar
49.    Flame of Iron
50.    From the Corner of the Eye
51.    Muffler Man and the Great Telepresent Bank Robbery (in progress)
52.    Travel Diaries of Braxton Montague Shew III
53.    The Promise of God (F&SF)
54.    Pson of Psychohistory
55.    Mandarins (suspended)
56.    Built Upon the Sands of Time
57.    Has Poetry a Place in Science Fiction? (poem)
58.    Niven bio for Philcon (con bio)
59.    Alternate Harrys (con bio)
60.    Rogue Star
a.       Gideon
61.    Lodestar
a.       Prudence and Fortitude
62.    Falling Stars
a.       Maiden Flight
b.       Check Flight
63.    House of Dreams (Asimov’s)
64.    The Six Faces of Stan (con bio)
65.    The Wreck of The River of Stars
66.    Elmira 1895 (in progress)
67.    Rules of Engagement
68.    skipped
69.    skipped
70.    Still Coming Ashore
71.    Southern Strategy (Alternate Generals 2)
72.    The Ensorcelled ATM (The Enchanter Completed)  Go here for remainder.


  1. Any idea on when the Firestar series (1st 3 books) might become available as ebooks? Or are they in contract limbo?

  2. Drop a letter to Tor and ask them.

  3. I just read "Southern Strategy," and I'd like to congratulate you on the thoroughly enjoyable yarn -- for all that it is set in a dreadful alternate.

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