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Friday, November 25, 2011


was celebrated in the usual fashion by the 105th meeting between Easton Area (PA) High School and Phillipsburg (NJ) High School.  In anticipation thereof the Easton Red Rovers burned down Phillipsburg. 

Well, okay, it was just the annual bon-fire, in which thousands of bon were toasted; but it was likely visible in Phillipsburg.  In retaliation, Phillipsburg, whose town thoughtfully outlawed bonfires a few years ago due to all the dead bodies charred beyond recognition -- oh, wait, because someday there might be dead bodies charred beyond recognition -- put on a big fireworks display, not having evidently received word of the dangers of fireworks. 

I look upon this with benign indifference, having attended Notre Dame High School in days of yore.  

The Grand-Daughter, who plays baritone horn in the EAHS Marching Band performed at the bon-fire and at half-time of the game.  She is not the smallest bandster, nor is the baritone horn the largest instrument; but I believe it is the largest instrument:player ratio in the band. 

This is the band on Meet the Band day showing off their field show.  At around 4:30 or so, the Littlest Baritone is approximately front and center walking backward.  (They were supposed to, foo.)

Following The Game -- in this region there is only one The Game -- in which Easton took revenge for last year's loss, we repaired to Uncle Francie's place for turkey buffet.  This is held, naturally enough, in the bar room, where family has behind-the-bar privileges. 

We also pause here to note patriotically that Easton PA was the first recorded site of a Christmas tree, it having been noted in a traveler's diary as a "local German custom" of decorating trees, in 1816.  

Today is the lighting of the Easton Peace Candle, sometime "World's Largest Non-Wax Candle."  I am unsure of the rules that must be met in this regard.  Are there wax candles larger than this?  In any case, the EAHS Choir will be singing, and the Incomparable Marge has just informed me that the Grand-Daughter was front and center on the TV broadcast. 

The Candle has been going on for only 60 years.  I am old enough to remember when it was called "The Christmas Candle," but the name was changed back during the Vietnam War.  And the Baby was called not only Wonderful Counselor, but also Prince of something or other. 


  1. Would this be the multi-talented, writer-musician Granddaughter?

    Which, when one thinks about it, makes her two ways of Local Note.


  2. That band's show is written by Gary P. Gilroy. (I was in the band that first played it!) Small world!

    Speaking of worlds, I just finished Up Jim River and cannot get over the planet of Boldly Go. Hilarious!


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