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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Congrats to Bro

I just learned that my brother Kevin has been inducted into the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame.  He posts on his face book the following announcement:

Kevin Flynn
"I am honored to have been elected to the Denver Press Club Hall of Fame. Three years after the end of 27 very exciting years at the Rocky Mountain News, I was humbled when club President Bruce Goldberg notified me. What an honor is it to be... inducted in the same 2012 class as TV icon Bertha Lynn, author John Dunning, AP's giant Carl Hilliard and the late Father Woody, founder of Samaritan House. And filling out the Hall's historical roster, Denver Post founders Bonfils and Tammen are also being inducted. Hall of Fame Dinner is Sept. 21 at the club.
Actually, he had told me before by email, but with a press embargo until the official announcement.  He is currently Public Information Project Manager for the public-private partnership that is "to build and operate trains to Denver International Airport and Arvada/ Wheat Ridge, along with other FasTracks elements."

Kevin is the (co)author of The Silent Brotherhood, a book I highly recommend; and also the author of The Unmasking: Married to a Rapist, which one reader credited with saving her from suicide.  (It is the true story of a woman who discovered that her husband was the serial rapist that had been terrorizing the area.)

John Dunning
Coincidentally, John Dunning, inducted with him, is an award-winning writer of mysteries from whom I took a very excellent class on Writing the Novel, lo these many years ago.  So I tip my hat to him as well.  The idea of a Seattle ferry vanishing in plain sight of land, which was the basis of my own Hugo-nominated "Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth," was his.  The novel he was planning on it never gelled and he graciously allowed me to do with it what I wished. 

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