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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paging TOF

TOF has recently discovered that he can add pages to this blog.  Quelle surprise!  And is now experimenting with this new-found superpower. 

A few days ago he added a page that features all the covers of his books; at least those still in print.  Right now that's all there is there; but it may develop into a set of links to Amazon or B&N or other places of that ilk.  Eventually, one may un-clutter the main page: review quotes, the book covers on the left.  (These seem to carry over to the other pages.  TOF does not know if the different pages can be differently designed.  Right now, it does not look as if.) 

A new page has been added today which will feature temporary posts of passages from stories.  Sometimes a scene or just a bit of writing.  TOF may even post entire short stories from the Long Ago.  Or long essays unlikely of sale anywhere.  After a while, most of these will be one with last winter's snow, an entity whose permanence my mother used to find proverbial whenever young TOF cast about for some missing toy.
Young TOF: Mommy, where is my space helmet?
The Mut: Where is last winter's snow?  
And before you ask, yes.  TOF did have a space helmet.  So did his brother Dennis.  There is a photograph.

Today's Offering is a passage from the current novel-in-process and is simply an introduction of one of the characters.  If the mood sustains, the next few passages will be of the same genre: introductions to other characters from the book.  There will be opportunity for feedback, which need not be fawning approval.  Critique is welcome or, for past stories, critical review.  TOF knows what he was trying to do in these passages, and harbors curiosity as to whether the Reader knows it.  For example: TOF knows the character Francis Xavier Delacorte, but what sort of person do you think he is from this brief step on-stage. 

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  1. As it happens, I also owned a space helmet, circa 1969.

    Like this, with a voice distorter. I don't recall an opening in the visor for the mouth, so mine was a later model.



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