Monday, January 14, 2013

Novel Excerpt

A new excerpt had been posted on The Other Page, namely, the introduction of Carole Harris in the WIP, THE SHIPWRECKS OF TIME, from Chapter 2: "The Short Farewell of Sister Mary Barbara."

     Sister Mary Barbara, SSM, paid the cabby and ran from the parking apron up the stairs to the Motherhouse, fearful that she would be late.  Behind her, the cab waited as agreed, a faint tick-tick-tick warning of engine problems soon to come.  He ought to have that looked at, Sr. Barbara thought irrelevantly.  Her rosary, dangling at her left side, flapped comically and she wondered what a sight she must present to the cabby.  Black habit, white wimple enclosing forehead, ears, neck – only her face peeked out, small and fine, almost a child’s face.  It was a legend among the children that the knotted cincture was used to whip the unruly into shape. 
     But she must not think of the children.  

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