Friday, January 11, 2013

Science Marches On!

The wonders of Electricity!  What did folks foresee in 1919?  Radio direction finders!  Dental x-Rays!  Electric light baths!  Electric washing machines -- with a motor-driven wringer!  Electric stove!  Electric cooking utensils!  Vacuum cleaners!  Even, if you can believe it, a dish-washing machine!

No wonder the great age of Science Fiction was about to dawn!  This was the Future, man, an electric thrill in store for everyone!  Hoo-ah!

I especially like the demure young Lady Electricity, emblematic of a less provocative age of clothing.
from the 1919 New York Electrical Show illustrated in the December 1919 issue of Electrical Experimenter magazine 


  1. What is an "electric light bath"? Is it some kind of tanning booth, or a do-it-yourself electrocution kit?

    The lid with the cutouts for the woman's neck reminds me of a guillotine...

    1. Probably a pop-medicine treatment. They seem to have had someone soaking people in ANYTHING that was "Scientific!"

  2. It's a tad more difficult to post a response here to this entry [or other other entries, for that matter] when you neglect to add a link to your LiveJournal page, Michael.

    I'm fascinated by the "electric light bath" and "electric dairy".

    Those must have caused the most titillating effect.


  3. "Civilizations fall because people bitch and complain when the electricity is off for fifteen minutes, and never give a thought to the fact that it has been on for their entire lives." --Bill Whittle


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